Tafseer Notes: Sciences (‘Uloom) of Qur’aan #1 (Part 4)

Class 1 continued…

Technical meaning of the word Qur’aan

– Kalaamullaah, al munazzal ‘alaa Muhammad al-muta’abbadu bi tilaawatihi

[كلام الله المنزل على محمد المتعبد بتلاوته]

The Speech of Allaah, sent down to Muhammad (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam), which people use as a means to worship Allaah through its recital.

Kalaamullaah – idaafah construction, the scholars have said about this that this type of idaafah is an idaafah of siffah (idaafah of characteristic) meaning this kalaam is the direct speech of Allaah; it is not something he created.

E.g. when we say bayt ullaah (which is also an idaafah), do we say that the ka‘bah is the characteristic of Allaah? No.

The Qur’aan we recite today is the direct speech of Allaah, it is not the interpretation of Jibreel, nor do we say it is something that Jibreel was inspired with, we say that Jibreel heard it directly from Allaah.

Hadeeth in Tirmidhiyou cannot draw closer to Allaah with anything greater than that which came from Allaah. i.e. the Qur’aan.

Al munazzal ‘alaa Muhammad – speak later in detail about how this happened (i.e. how revelation was sent to the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam).

Al muta’abbadu bi tilaawatihi – we add this in order to distinguish it from Hadeeth Qudsi as it can be said that it is also a type of kalaam from Allaah. However, it is not used as a means to worship Allaah.


The Names and Characteristics of the Qur’aan

The Qur’aan has many names and qualities and characteristics that Allaah has labelled it within the Qur’aan itself. From the names of the Qur’aan is Al Qur’aan itself.

Allaah also calls it, Kitaab (21:10):

21:10. Indeed, We have sent down for you (O mankind) a Book, (the Qur’aan) in which there is Dhikrukum, (your Reminder or an honour for you i.e. honour for the one who follows the teaching of the Qur’aan and acts on its Orders). Will you not then understand?



Al Furqaan  (25:1): the criteria, to decide between right and wrong.

25:1. Blessed be He who sent down the criterion (of Right and wrong, i.e. This Qur’aan) to his slave (Muhammad) that he may be a warner to the ‘Aalameen (mankind and jinns).



Adh dhikr (15:9)

15:9. Verily We, it is we who have sent down the dhikr (i.e. the Qur’aan) and surely, we will guard it (from corruption).



At Tanzeel – the revelation (26:192):

26:192. And truly, this (the Qur’aan) is a Revelation from the Lord of the ‘Aalameen (mankind, jinns and All that exists)

Al Qur’aan and Al Kitaab are most commonly used to refer to the Qur’aan; there is wisdom behind these two names being the most commonly used. If you go for the first interpretation of what the Qur’aan means, it pertains to reading/reciting. Whereas Kitaab is to do with writing, and this is to show that the Qur’aan has been preserved through the written form and preserved through memory. This is something which is unique about the Qur’aan, that people of the past were not known to memorize their scriptures.

To be continued in shaa Allaah…

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