The Lives of the Prophets: Prophet Nuuh (‘alayhis-salaam) Part 2

Prophet Nuuh (‘alayhis salaam)

Part 2



Prophet Nuuh started to make du’aa to Allaah.


37:75 (In the days of old), Nuuh cried to us, and we are the best to Hear Prayer.


71:26 And Noah, said: “O My Lord! Leave not of the unbelievers, a single one on earth!

71:27 “For, if You leave (any of) them, they will but mislead Your servants, and they will breed none but wicked ungrateful ones.


After 950 years of patience, Nuuh finally made du’aa to Allaah against his people. The du’aa was received by Allaah and He instructed Nuuh to build the ark.


11:37. “And construct the ship under Our eyes and with Our inspiration, and address Me not on behalf of those who did wrong; they are surely to be drowned.”



As he constructed it, whenever a person from his village passed him, they would make fun of him.



11:38. and as he was constructing the ship, whenever the chiefs of his people passed by him, they made a mockery of him. He said: “If you mock at us, so do we mock at you likewise for your mocking.

11:39. “And you will know who it is on whom will come a torment that will cover Him with disgrace and on whom will fall a lasting torment.”




11:40. (so it was) till Then there came Our command and the oven gushed forth (water like fountains from the earth). we said: “Embark therein, of each kind two (male and female), and your family, except him against whom the word has already gone forth, and those who believe. And none believed with him, except a few.”



When the water started coming out of the Earth and rain falling from the sky, Allaah instructed Nuuh to go into the ark and take with him the believers and his family and to carry a pair – male and female of every animal.


The number of believers with Nuuh goes from 7-80.


When he went on the ark he said Bismillaah.


11:41. and He [Nuuh (Noah)] said: “Embark therein; In the Name of Allaah will be its moving course and its resting anchorage. Surely, My Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Tafseer At-Tabari, Vol. 12, Page 43)




The waves picked up the ark and Nuuh saw his son in front of his eyes.


11:42. so it (the ship) sailed with them amidst the waves like mountains, and Nuuh (Noah) called out to his son, who had separated himself (apart), “O My son! Embark with us and be not with the disbelievers.”



His son thought in terms of Dunya and said,


11:43. the son replied: “I will betake myself to a mountain, it will save me from the water.” Nuuh (Noah) said: “This Day there is no saviour from the decree of Allaah except Him on whom He has mercy.” and a wave came In between them, so He (the son) was among the drowned.




11:44. and it was said: “O earth! Swallow up Your water, and O sky! Withhold (your rain).” and the water was diminished (made to subside) and the decree (of Allaah) was fulfilled (i.e. the destruction of the people of Nuuh (Noah). and it (the ship) rested on Mount Judi, and it was said: “Away with the people who are Dhalimoon (polytheists and wrong-doing)!”

11:45. and Nuuh (Noah) called upon his Lord and said, “O My Lord! Verily, My son is of my family! And certainly, Your Promise is true, and You are the Most just of the judges.”

11:46. He said: “O Nuuh (Noah)! Surely, he is not of your family; verily, his work is unrighteous, so ask not of Me that of which you have no knowledge! I admonish you, lest you be one of the ignorant.”

11:47. Nuuh (Noah) said: “O My Lord! I seek Refuge with You from asking You that of which I have no knowledge. And unless You forgive Me and have Mercy on Me, I would indeed be one of the losers.”



The story of Nuuh has been mentioned in many suwar of the Qur’aan. The longest version is in Surat Huud. It starts with ayah 25 and goes up until ayah 48.


11:49. This is of the news of the unseen which we reveal unto you (O Muhammad), neither you nor your people knew them before this. so be patient. Surely, the (good) end is for the Muttaqeen.


Ayah 49 is telling Rasuulullaah (salAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam). The lesson is to be patient. The ayaat revealed is leading to this meaning. Allaah closes the story of Nuuh telling Rasuulullaah (salAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) look at the story of Nuuh, 950 years of patience, of making da’wah and he never gave up.

To be continued with the story of the next Prophet in shaa Allaah…

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