The Lives of the Prophets (‘alayhimus-salaam) Introduction

The Lives of the Prophets – Imaam Anwar Al-Awlaqi

PART ONE: The Story of Creation


Benefits of talking about Al-Anbiya (The Prophets):

  1. Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) was commanded to do so. Narrate these stories onto the Ummah, so it becomes mandatory on us to convey their stories too. It’s an ‘Ibaadah.
  2. Relate unto them the stories so that they may reflect. We derive lessons from these stories and contemplate them.
  3. Al-Anbiya are those whom Allaah has guided, so follow their guidance. Allaah instructs Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) to follow their guidance, follow their way. We must take them as role models.
  4. To love them, if we don’t know someone we can’t love them. We need to know the details of their lives, know what they went through to respect them.
    1. Abu Dharr came to Rasuulullaah (salAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) and asked him a question, “What is the total number of Anbiya?” He replied, “120,000 Anbiya (Prophets) and the Rusul (Messengers) among them are 315.”
    2. The Rasuul is the Nabi who is given a law by Allaah.
    3. But the Nabi, who is not a Rasuul, is following the law of another Rasuul.
    4. Every Rasuul is a Nabi, but not every Nabi is a Rasuul.
    5. If a Prophet is given a new law, then he becomes a Rasuul.
    6. Musa (‘alayhis-salaam) is a Rasuul, because he was given the Tawrah. But his brother Haroon (‘alayhis-salaam) is not a Rasuul, he is a Nabi, he is following the law of his brother.


The story of creation


Rasuulullaah (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) was asked this question by a group who came from Yemen, they asked “O Messenger of Allaah, how did all of this start?” He said, “In the beginning, there was Allaah. There was nothing before Him, nothing was with Him. And His throne was on water. And He wrote on the tablet everything. And He created the heavens and the earth.” [Bukhari]

Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said, “The first thing Allaah created was the pen, then Allaah ordered it to write. So it wrote down everything that will happen until the Day of Judgement.”

Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said, “Allaah wrote down the sustenance of the creation 50,000 years before He created the heavens and the earth.” [Muslim]

Rasuulullaah (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said, “The angels were created from light and the Jinn were created from fire.”

Iblees was a Jinn, but because he was so righteous, he was elevated to a very high level among the Angels.

To be continued in shaa Allaah…